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Page 27 is a noise/experimental group that has been active in Colorado since 1994.

Page 27 was created in 1994 by John Gross, John Rasmussen, and many others. The group formed together in the mid 90s when John and John were working together to make independent zines and decided to put some of those ideas to sound. Over the years the membership has changed with as many as 7 people in the group at one time. The current lineup is John Gross, John Rasmussen, and Todd Novosad. Many great people have played in Page 27 such as Christian Havener, Zack Tourje, Eric Lonan, Ezra Nye, and many others have added much to the group and changed the sound.

Page 27 creates noise/power electronic music many different ways. When the group first began they used prerecorded tapes, tape loops, 4 track recorders, field recordings, cheap guitar effects, casio keyboards. For a few years Page 27 used circuit bent toys. Currently Page 27 uses samplers, laptops, pedals, cusom electronics, lots of software audio effects, and a few audio effect VST plugins by Rasmussen.

Page 27's sound changes from harsh noise, sound collage, power electronics, and ambient drones.

Past tours have included:

Fall 2008
Albuquerque, played with Terrorstate, Alchemical Burn, Alan George Ledergerber @ The Stove
Santa Fe, High Mayhem 2008, played with many artists including Raven Chacon, Author and Punisher, Alchemical Burn,

Fall 2007
High Mayhem festival held in Santa Fe, NM

Spring 2006
New York City, played 2 shows with Pink Desert, Agents at Midnight, and Red Glare

Summer 2005
West coast tour including many cities

John Gross, Michael Nowak, John Rasmussen, Albuquerque 2010

John Gross, Michael Nowak, John Rasmussen, Rhinoceropolis Denver 2010

Ezra Nye, John Gross, John Rasmussen, Santa Fe 2007

John Rasmussen, Todd Novosad, John Gross, Brooklyn 2006

John Gross, John Rasmussen, Cricket On the Hill, Denver 2005